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Awards Earned by Lisa Bigwood:


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The 40th. Annual Grammy
Entry List :

Field 13 - Folk Category 58 –
Best Contemporary
Folk Album
Lisa Bigwood
February 25,1998.

General Field Category 2 –
Album Of The Year
Lisa Bigwood
February 25,1998.



The 38th. Annual Grammy
Entry List :

XIII. Folk Field
Category 56 –
Best Contemporary
Folk Album,
Listing #003
Lisa Bigwood

General Field
Category 2

Album of The Year
Listing #017
Lisa Bigwood


LISA BIGWOOD –Like No One Else: Lisa Bigwood has an indescribably unique style of music and voice that will be enjoyed by a large variety of listeners. (Pop/Country/Folk) #070075 C(5.00) CD(7.00)


Sunday, December 31, 1995

Inside Newspaper
Democrat and Chronicle -

Rochester, New York

"Prime Premier. Local Singer Lisa Bigwood’s debut album was the best thing to happen to music here."

Title: Pop: Bigwood hit big, New Dylans hit small on the local scene

"…Here are my top 10 local music events: 1. Big Debut Thanks to the O.J. Simpson trial, spousal abuse became a hot issue in ’95. It seemed unrelated to the spring release of 'Like No One Else', a CD by local folk singer Lisa Bigwood. But Bigwood’s distinctive voice, twangy guitar and melancholy lyrics on this wonderful debut album (released on a small Colorado label, CEG Records) survived her own 15 year abusive marriage. She doesn’t shove the message in your face, but when she sings, "What do you call the blues? You don’t learn it in music school, you scrape it off your shoes," there’s no disputing she’s been there."

Vol. 42 #1

Magazine:  Sing Out!
Lisa Bigwood – Like No One Else & Woodland

Lisa Bigwood showcased two songs from her album Like No One Else at the 24th Annual Kerrville Folk Festival in May, 1995. Following the festival came this review in Sing Out!

Lisa Bigwood was impressive in the New Folk contest in Kerrville in May 1995, the same year she showcased at Telluride. She is a superior performer and writer.

Her first album, Like No One Else, is a beautifully recorded, understated folk album featuring Lisa’s soft, low voice atop guitars, flute, fiddle and banjo in measured amounts. Dick Weissman did a splendid production job.

It’s somewhat bluesy folk, perhaps, but all original material delivered in a distinctive fashion. The first album contains two outstanding songs: "Spruce Top Blues," which starts off "Don’t lock me in that long black box, don’t lock me in the dark" and turns out to be a song about a tree made into a guitar, and "The Ballad Of Charlie Archer," a five-minute song about a lake bum who is not without redeeming virtues.

Woodland, Lisa’s second album, was also produced by Dick Weissman and also features Eric Levine on fiddle. It has the same bluesy sound and distinctive writing style. Unfortunately, there are no lyrics accompanying this album (a disturbing trend that short-changes both the artist and the public).

Most of Lisa’s songs have neat twists and turns of phrase in them: "Woodland Band," for example, based on the festival campfire scene, or "Bad Memory," in which a person with Alzheimer’s says, "You’ll have to pardon me, but I forgot your name / It slipped out when you walked in the door."

Writing of the quality exhibited here is rare. That, combined with a minimal production and a low, mellow voice, makes Lisa Bigwood’s albums treasures." (VKH)

Lisa Bigwood also performed and was selected as a finalist at MerleFest ’97. She was selected out of 850 finalists to perform her album Woodland.

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