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Kathy Watson -  "Follow Me"

"Follow me down the road of joy," she says.  And that we do. With inspirational lyrics and the power of an incredible voice, Kathy Watson uplifts you to a level that leaves you warm inside.  This isn't your typical gospel track.  Producer Rob Case adds a countryesque sound to the music that gives you a different but appealing vibe.

Written by: Stephanie Morgan

Inspiration CD #11

The Urban Network
Issue # 631
August 11, 2000


To Order a CD or for More Information Contact:
Robert A. Case

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Totally Adult Magazine:
(Oct. 8, 1999)

Artist's Origin:
Woodland Park, CO.

What you should Know:

Kathy Watson is a young talent that has a bright future.  Still attending college, she's currently working toward a graduate degree in vocal performance; however, unlike some artists who let formal training make their art stiff and uninspired, Watson still has a lot of guts and soul. As for her debut album, she had this to say:

"This is something that I have worked very hard for.  All Song Titles but one, are original ! My subjects are drawn from people in my life and their experiences about love, loss and overcoming struggle."
To Order a CD or for More Information Contact:
Robert A. Case

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Kathy Watson
Label: New Pants
Artist: Kathy Watson (Vocals)

Guest Artists:
Michael Core (guitar)
Bobby Duhamel
(guitar, bass, vocals);
Blake Eberhard (bass);
Brian Mikolich (drums);
Beth Avedis (backing vocals)

Produced By: Robert Case With Steve Avedis and Bobby Duhamel.

Totally Adult CD - Oct.1999 #40

Titles that appeared on
Totally Adult CD,
October 1999 Tune-Up #40

Click here for some
small samples of her Talents!

" You Could Have Been
With Me "

" Tell Me Now "

"Mastering Special"

Colorado pop songstress Kathy Watson is backed by a full band, including back-up singers, on this seven-song CD which contains mild, MOR pop music.  Watson's voice is pleasant, adequate and restrained and shines when she harmonizes.  In other words, there are no dramatic, powerhouse moments captured here.  Nevertheless, Watson is a young artist who has an obvious feel for her chosen genre and, with more development, could find a way to stand out from the pack.

Music Connection:

To Order a CD or for More Information Contact:
Robert A. Case

Or Call

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